This blog is really starting to get noticed. Thank you for spreading the word and telling more people about FatCeliac.

My initial goal with this blog was to talk about my experience in the Nexvax trial. As you all know, I got kicked out because of an allergic reaction that may or may not be related to the Nexvax trial. If you are in the trial, congratulations and keep up the good work! Feel free to PM me with questions or concerns.

Nonetheless, I think there is a need for easy-to-understand, medically accurate information and tales from the trenches while keeping up and researching all of the latest social issues trending on the Facebook Celiac groups. My hope is that this blog fills that need.

I’ve had Celiac disease for over 7 years. I’ve gotten my blood tests into the negative range while maintaining and growing a family. I have a non-gluten free household and eat at 2-3 dedicated gluten free restaurants all within 10 miles of my house. I maintain a little bit of sanity and though I think I’m funny, when I write, it just comes off as mean, so I try not to be funny in my blog. Sorry.

I am desperate to find a cure for this disease that is more robust than simply a gluten free diet. So, I try to keep up to date on medical trials and information.

Occasionally, I have people message me regarding topics they see and want more information about. It can take me a couple of days, but I always get back to addressing the topic either in a post or in a PM.

If you have an idea or something new you want me to research, let me know. I will do it!

Please share my posts and let’s grow this page!!

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