Call your member of Congress

There is a new bill on the floor of the US Congress that would require all drug companies to label gluten in their medication. Similar bills were proposed in 2013 and 2014 but died in committee.

There is no reason in the world for drug companies to not tell us if there is gluten in a drug. If they want to put gluten in their drugs, awesome, 99% of the population can take that drug. However, it is devastating for the 1% of the population that cannot have gluten. Therefore this labeling should not affect their profit margins.

Also, using the link below, tell Congress to increase funding for Celiac research. There are more people with Celiac disease than with Chron’s and Colitis combined, yet the government spends 50% less on Celiac research than the others.

Here is a link to’s page for telling Congress your story. You can also call your Congress member’s office to let them know you support this bill and more money for research.

Let them hear your voice!!!

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