Does your house have to be 100% gluten-free?

One of the first questions along this gluten-free journey is – will your house be 100% gluten-free? Most of the time, the knee jerk reaction is that yes, everything will be 100% gluten-free in my home. And I completely understand. But it is possible to co-exist in the same home with gluten eaters. Each family has to decide what is best for them. Here are some things to think about.

The Pros of a 100% gluten-free home

A 100% gluten-free home really is the ultimate way to live. It is super easy for the celiac or gluten-sensitive one to navigate. Everything is safe. There is no cross-contamination to worry about. I’m not sure what else to say about this one.

If there is a young child in the home with a gluten issue, a 100% gluten-free home is the only way to live. Living gluten-free is hard enough, especially with small children. Home should be a safe place for them.

The Pros of not having a 100% gluten-free home

Gluten-free living can be expensive. Gluten-free substitutes for bread and other items are often twice the cost and half the size of their gluten-filled counterparts. By allowing gluten into your home, you may be able to keep costs down for the family.

Requires duplicates of some standard household appliances and items prone to cross-contamination like condiments and butter. By allowing gluten in the home, certain rules must be implemented to minimize cross-contamination. The rules are important to keep the most vulnerable safe. If the rules aren’t followed, maybe this isn’t the best option.

All dishes go into the dishwasher. This should be done anyway – it’s way easier!

There is more waste. Paper towels and aluminium foil and other disposable items are used to combat cross-contamination. If environmentally friendly minded, the extra waste could cause problems.

Guests always want to bring food to parties or events. Reminding them that your home is 100% gluten-free puts more burden on you.

Decisions first…

While you are thinking about this, I will post about what needs to go and what can stay in a gluten-free home. Note, these items will talk about being gluten-free whether you have a 100% gluten-free home or not! You stil have to clean out some items to make it safe for the gluten-free folks.

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