No issues when traveling

I’m on the road this week in California traveling. Normally traveling with Celiac disease is a nightmare. The research, the talks with waiters, the potential cross contamination, and the inevitable celiac attacks. This trip is different.

I’ve had no issues.

Wednesday afternoon through the airport I had a gluten free individually wrapped muffin, smoothie with protein, and a bag of chips. I was struggling to get through the airport while making a tight connection, so I was eating on the move. No reactions.

When I got here, we went to a Middle Eastern restaurant for dinner the first night. The owner proudly stated everything was gluten free. I said, even the gyro meat – he said no, is has tiny bread crumbs. I said, even the pita – he said no, he didn’t know they made gluten free pita. I said, what about the falafel, is it fried in the same oil as your chicken fingers. He said, yeah, it is and I replied then the falafel is not gluten free. I had some sort of beef with salad and hummus and no pita. It was delicious. No reactions.

Thursday, we ate at home and I cooked in a freshly bought pan and spatula. No reactions.

Friday we went sight seeing. We went to a Mexican restaurant. I had tacos on a corn tortilla with chicken and marinated beef, rice, and beans. No reactions.

So, several times I’ve eaten out and not had a problem. Is this Nexvax or have I been really freaking lucky? Dunno. That is the big question isn’t it?

We should know in a couple of weeks when my trial is complete.

Here is something else. I’m starting a campaign for people to get a proper diagnosis for Celiac. A proper diagnosis includes a blood test and endoscopy with biopsy that match. If they don’t match, then you need to consult with your doctor. Please use the link below to help spread the word.

Source Link to the American College of Gastroenterology – Diagnosis and Management of Celiac Disease.

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