Injection #8 – Glutened? No Way

Injection #8 is in. I injected this morning.

I’ve been injecting in the mornings because that’s when things are easier for me. My routine is much more settled and established in the mornings and things don’t get in the way.

I have had some symptoms like I’ve been glutened – bad. My bum is on fire, I’ve had reflux, and there has been some leakage – gross I know but I can’t help it. I haven’t been glutened. It’s not possible. I’ve been eating at home foods I’ve been eating a million times. Safe foods. No way did I get glutened.

I have pinned the issue down to one meal. I did eat an awesome polenta, sausage, and tomato bake. I’ll include a link to the recipe at the bottom of this post – super easy, delicious, and takes 20 minutes. I ate it for dinner on Sunday. I had issues on Monday. Then I had the leftovers on Wednesday for lunch, they were even better on Wednesday by the way. Then issues Wednesday evening. Was it the tomatoes? Could they have been especially acidic and caused me a problem? Maybe. Likely.

Here’s my point – not everything is related to celiac. Not every episode of diarrhea, reflux, anal leakage, rashes, hair falling out, gas, or anything is related to celiac. I never think my intestinal issues are related to celiac unless something goes really wrong or I know I made a mistake.

Link to recipe:

4 thoughts on “Injection #8 – Glutened? No Way”

  1. Hi, did you have any side effects after having the first couple of updosing injections in the hospital? I’ve only had my first 2 injections. The first was at 1:30pm and after about 4 pints of cider by 11pm I was feeling really nauseous (which is unusual for me). It passed by the next morning. After my second injection, I had the same experience but I hadn’t had anything to drink this time. It’s really doing my head in not knowing whether i’m getting the placebo or real thing. How far through the trial are you? Have you done the masked food challenges yet?

    1. I did not have side effects after the early injections. After about half way. I got an episode of serious fatigue at the half way point of updosing. But otherwise updosing was easy. Also, you will not be able to figure out if you got meds or placebo, so just relax and enjoy the ride.

  2. Hi! I´m form Argentina and I have a celiac husband and 2 celiac daughters. I´m very excited about this possible vaccine. I hope it works and soon!! Thanks for participate in the process. I will keep on checking this blog for updates.

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