Mast Cells and Celiac – Part 1: The Immune System

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Mastocytosis are big topics. How these diseases relate to celiac disease is a big, complex interaction. In order to get to specifically how mast cells work, I think I need a basic understanding of some big concepts in the immune system. I’ve had to go back to learn a lot of concepts about the immune system simply to make sense of the mast cell interactions in the body. I’m sharing my learning journey with you!

The List

I asked and you delivered. I had writers block at the end of last week and have a slew of topics to discuss over the next few weeks. A few of them are quick and easy answers. Others will require more in depth research and a day or two of articles. Some I’ve written about in the past, but they might need updating. Here is the list and my comments about the next steps with each.

Diagnosis vs Monitoring

I started writing a post about celiac diagnosis and had a thought. The difference between diagnosis and monitoring of celiac disease is stark – certain tests are used to look for celiac disease and hopefully correlate to damage in the intestines during the diagnostic process, but monitoring celiac has a whole different set of tests. Lemme explain…..