Latiglutenase Update

Latiglutenase has been around for a long time. Researchers started studying this drug in 2017. 

A brief history of Latiglutenase 
– Across several studies it did not demonstrate improvement in serology or intestinal healing. 
– In sero-positive (celiac blood tests are positive even on gluten free diet) celiac patients, a study did demonstrate that patients had improved symptoms. The celiac blood tests remained positive and no improvement in small intestine.

A study from December 2022 may change my mind on this drug. A phase 2 study where celiac patients were given high doses of Latiglutenase (1200mg) over the course of six weeks. Participants were exposed to a 2g of gluten per day during this six week period. Latiglutenase seems to have prevented further damage to the small intestine. Additionally, the drug showed gluten immunogenic peptides (GIP) in urine reduction of gluten of about 95% for latiglutenase. Symptoms of gluten exposure were also reduced dramatically.

Link to study results – and link to corporate website describing results in more detail

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