I’ve been buzzing all weekend. Lots of things have happened to me recently and I’m so excited and grateful.

I’ve talked about being a in a long term, observational Covid study. Basically, I had covid in August 2020, when it was really scary. For the past two years, periodically I go back to the study site, they draw blood, and assess my immunity to Covid. They said if I tested positive for Covid at any time during the study period, to let them know. So, I did when I had Covid last week.

They offered me to be in a “heavy water” study. Basically, I would drink a “heavy” (radioactive) water that would mark my immune cells. The study could then look at my immune cells over the course of two years to see if the marked immune cells were still around and potent agains covid. Pretty cool. On Thursday, they rejected me because I had one of the “exclusion” criteria.

At first I was disappointed. Then Friday, the notification about the two new celiac studies came out. I would rather do a celiac study than a stupid covid study any day. I’m not sure if I would have been rejected for the celiac studies because of the covid study. I feel like I dodged a bullet there.

Today, I have a call with the site locally for one of the celiac studies. I’m going to apply for both studies and see where I end up. One my take me the other may not. They both might reject me. Either way, I’m making the call. I’ll let you know what they say.

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