Injection #7 went in this morning. Fingers crossed!

So, I have an interesting story. We have a neighborhood Mexican restaurant that is in no way gluten free. There are things with less gluten like their soup or fajitas with no seasoning. Our group of friends likes going there on Friday nights occasionally. I don’t eat – I’ll have a margarita and enjoy the company. I used to eat there and 24 hours later I would have diarrhea. So, I stopped eating there. I haven’t eaten there in about a year, when I finally put two and two together that it wasn’t safe. I knew better, I just liked hanging out with my friends.

This Friday I went and had a bowl of soup. Now, I know when I do this I’m running the risk of being sick and doing damage to my intestines. I know this. I wanted to put this Nexvax to the test. I don’t know if I’m getting placebo or drug, so I’m running a HUGE risk here. I know it. I did it anyway. Again – not recommended, don’t try this at home kids. 🙂

I’m now 48 hours later and no issues. No cramps, no diarrhea, no nothing. Does this mean I’m getting drug? Does this mean the drug may be working? Since this trial started I’ve been extra careful with my gf diet, maybe it is just a delayed reaction? I don’t know for sure the answer to any of these questions – I just know something different happened. And I wanted to share. I’m just using it as another data point along this journey – I’m not ready to draw any conclusions. My first food challenge comes up at the end of the month, so hopefully it won’t go as poorly as the first food challenge. Fingers crossed.

As a side note, I’m not perfect – as evidenced by my confession above. I don’t claim to be. I make mistakes on my gf diet. I take risks sometimes I probably shouldn’t – cross contaminated fryers (I love french fries), a bite of my husband’s delicious gluten filled Chinese food, a crumb from my kids Chick-Fil-A nuggets might reach my mouth on accident – those are my worst offenses and I’m sure there are others. Just know that I’m not perfect and I won’t judge you if you aren’t perfect in your gf diet, either. Its tough out there and we have to eat at least 3 times a day, while maintaining an almost unreachable standard in this gluten covered world. Sometimes we break. Its a bite of cake, a small piece of bread, or hungry in the middle of some place with no gluten free options and we do the best we can.

Whatever your breaking point is we all reach it. Know that I’m going through this trial hoping that soon, we won’t have to worry quite as much. That we won’t be so isolated. That it will all be ok. That we can eat good cake again. That we don’t have to worry quite so much about every morsel we touch or eat. That is the goal. That’s what is on my mind today. Happy Sunday!

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