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I wrote this post and put it on my personal page. I think it aptly summarizes celiac disease and my experience with it. Please use this post as a template to put celiac awareness on your personal page.

Recently watching ABC News, I cried. It was because a little kid wrote a letter to ABC News and they did a segment on my disease. Celiac disease.

Celiac disease is the only autoimmune disease with a known trigger — gluten in food.

It is also the most common autoimmune disease with an estimated 3.5 million Americans affected and less than half of those are diagnosed.

Celiac has a heavy burden of disease. Studies show the burden of disease is heavier than Type 2 diabetes, heart failure, and end-stage kidney disease. The only cure is a gluten-free diet and there is no medicine. A crumb of bread is enough to set off the autoimmune reaction in those with celiac. Imagine being afraid that any time you eat you could get sick for days because of accidental gluten exposure.

The celiac community has come a long way since I was diagnosed in 2013. We have more requests. Better labeling of allergens in food and medicine, better diagnostic and disease management tools, and medicine that neutralizes gluten so it passes through the body without harm.

I am actively involved in the celiac community participating in celiac drug trials, advocating with Congress for better labeling laws on food and medicine, and helping provide information to the celiac community through my blog. May is celiac awareness month. If you want to talk about celiac disease or have questions, please reach out. I can offer advice and suggestions.

Thank you for reading.

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