Ugh! Yesterday was not awesome!!

I injected Nexvaxx home injection #6 in the morning. I ate at home all day. The same stuff I’ve eaten a million times.

Then about 5:30 the stuff started to hit the fan – literally! I had stomach cramps and gastrointestinal distress – just general unease. Then about 9p the fatigue hit. Thank goodness we were home and I just went to bed. I did wake up this morning without any pain, diarrhea, or unease. I was fine.

So, I’m telling you guys about all of the ugly details about side effects from Nexvaxx injections. I’m not sure if I’m getting placebo or drug, so I’m just guessing these side effects are from me actually getting drug.

With that being said – I would not call these bad or overwhelming side effects. They are well within the range of a cross-contamination reaction – actually they are a little easier than that. I would say the side effects are not interfering in my regular life and are manageable.

My next visit to Nashville is February 22. My next injection is Sunday.

Wish me luck!

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