Gluten Degrading Enzymes

In the last week or so, gluten degrading enzymes have been all the rage. BeyondCeliac and have both put out articles relating to gluten degrading enzymes. What are they and why all of a sudden are we talking about them?

Case study, part 2

Yesterday, I talked about a case study where a guy with celiac disease taking tofacitinib for a different reason while consuming gluten showed complete clinical remission. Today we are going to talk about why this not be quite as promising as one hoped but may still need to be investigated.

Case Study in Celiac remission – Part 1

According to the case study published today, a man with celiac disease, alopecia, and rheumatoid arthritis was prescribed off label Tofacitinib to control the alopecia. He had always been less than strict on his gluten free diet and after starting the Tofacitinib returned to a gluten containing diet. Routine follow up for his celiac disease detected no mucosal damage in the small intestine. Wow! I’ve got some questions here…..

My life and vacation

I talk about my life a lot. Sometimes probably more than you might like, but I cannot always do the science. Sometimes I’m not in the mood to do the heavy research required to write. Other times it is because I have done the research and I haven’t had time to process it all. And we are planning for vacation here. Today, I’m going to talk about it all!


A nice person asked me yesterday for advice in living with roommates and a refresher on cross contamination protocols. Roommates pose an interesting problem for those with celiac disease because you cannot control their behavior. You can request certain things and hope they comply, but can never be sure. You have to do your best to stay safe. So, here are some suggestions for keeping safe while living with roommates.

My new favorite game

My new favorite game is “Do you have this too?” or alternatively called “Has this ever happened to you?” I like this game and want to make sure we all understand what it is and how to play.

Gluten Contamination Elimination Diet

Gluten is everywhere. It can sneak into someone’s diet in places nobody would even consider. The most unusual place I found gluten was plain vanilla ice cream. Once while at the beach, my in-laws wanted to treat the family to ice cream. I explained I couldn’t go to an ice cream shop, so they went to the grocery store. When they got back, I casually looked at the ingredients for the vanilla ice cream. Wheat was the first ingredient – in ICE CREAM!!! The gluten contamination elimination diet might help.

SIBO and Celiac

Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth or SIBO is a common issue for those with and without celiac disease. What is SIBO and what does the science say about SIBO and celiac disease? Let’s look!

I’m Back!

I took a break, but now I’m back.

Best Laid Plans

I make plans. I may not always achieve my plans, but I always am thinking about what comes next.
Yesterday and today, I’ve been a mess. This pandemic and my inability to really take a break has been wearing on me. I’ve been cranky and short with my family.