I have a million post ideas in my mind that I cannot organize into anything useful, so today is a potpourri of ideas….

  • Gluten free January, like dry January, I’m surprised this isn’t a thing. But it really is, people start their New Year’s resolution to be gluten free, realize how hard it is, and by February have resumed eating gluten!
  • FODMAP’s, IBS, and migraines – I had a friend start a gluten free diet to support their newly diagnosed celiac child. Her migraines stopped. She believes it is from being gluten free. I am starting to thing it is related to eating a low FODMAP diet.
  • Celiac remission – This is an idea that has been rolling around in my head for a while and I wonder if it is possible. The question becomes, how do you know you are in remission? Kind of like DH can go into remission on Dapsone and a gluten free diet. And why don’t we have something like Dapsone for celiac patients. Are we making finding a cure too hard?
  • Eating gluten free is hard. It requires some experimentation and work to find things you like. Finding naturally gluten free recipes takes some work, but are out there. I find inspiration on Food Network – I’m not able to eat everything they make, but I can find gluten free alternatives when needed.
  • I think I’m going to start posting what we have for dinner every night as inspiration for others. To be fair, some nights I don’t eat, some nights I eat leftovers from the day before, and some nights I knock it out of the park! Don’t expect things to be fabulous, but expect them to real.
  • As I’m listening to my husband watching tv in the other room a comedian is making jokes about being gluten free. I find jokes about eating gluten free funny. Eating gluten free is weird to most people. I never expected to learn about Xantham gum, potato starch, nor did I expect to shop in the “Natural Foods” section of the grocery store, but I do.

Now you know what I think about on a regular basis. Any burning questions about celiac rolling around in your head?

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