A Celiac Year in Review

Christmas is over. We are on the downhill slide into the new year. I’m sure we will all be happy to see 2020 go for a variety of reasons. I’m looking forward to 2021 for another chance at more research about celiac disease.

What did we learn?

In 2020, the news was dominated by coronavirus. However, we learned a few things about celiac disease. We learned five big things. Gluten free foods from restaurants aren’t gluten free enough. Blood tests aren’t accurate after diagnosis. There is uncertainty of when to introduce gluten to children at risk for celiac disease. Low FODMAP diets can help with ongoing symptoms. Adoption of the blood test only diagnosis is becoming more widespread.

Some very promising drugs entered into the fray for helping with symptoms. The Cour Pharmaceutical drug is probably the most promising. Larazotide Acetate continues is Phase 3 trials. More treatments are slated to enter trials in 2021. Hopefully, one of them will work.

The Gluten in Medication Act stalled out in a dysfunctional Congress. Canyon Bakehouse had a big snafu in putting out a product that was not gluten free. Gluten free Oreos are on their way to stores.

What questions remain?

I have lots of questions that remain unanswered. I hope to get answers, soon. Here are a few of the long list that I think about all the time.

Can we have a way to test the healing in our intestines without an invasive endoscopy procedure? I haven’t heard of anyone working on this question.

Are there better tests for detecting celiac in those already on a gluten free diet? Two studies have confirmed a method for doing this test. Scientists need to simply develop a method and put this test through its paces.

Will there be a cure or at least a medicine to help with cross contamination issues?


In summary, scientists are still working on the celiac problem. Drug companies have figured out that celiac disease has a huge unmet need. It isn’t that I advocate for a drug to help for everyone. Many still suffer while on a gluten free diet. If someone wants a medicine to help to temporarily to help, then there should be something.

Two years ago, I said there would be something to help with celiac disease. I still have three years for my prediction to come true. Fingers crossed.

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