Wednesday & Jack’s BBQ on Lower Broadway – Food Challenge Part 1

Wednesday & Jack's BBQ - Food Challenge, part 1
Photo by Hari Nandakumar on Unsplash

So, yesterday was my first food challenge. This post will be so long, I wanted to break it into two parts. This post will talk about Wednesday and our adventures out in Nashville. The next post will get into the nitty gritty of the food challenge.

It went better than anticipated!

My very generous friends Lora and Caroline agreed to go with me to Nashville. They were there for support and a nice mid-week break! We went on Wednesday. We had an uneventful drive up, stopped at the liquor store to buy supplies for the night, checked into the condo, relaxed at the condo for a bit, and then we went out!! Woo Hoo!! Nashvegas here we come!!

We went down to Lower Broadway. We stopped in at Jack’s BBQ for dinner. I have to say they were FABULOUS!! I checked the menu and they had their gluten free items labelled. I was a little angry that the baked beans weren’t gluten free, but there were 6 other gluten free sides that were available. All the proteins were listed as gluten free too, even the smoked sausage.

I stepped up to the counter and said that I had a gluten allergy. That’s the easiest way to say it especially in this scenario. Anyway, the guy cutting the meat said “Celiac” and I said “Yes”. The next part was magic. He didn’t say another word. He took off his gloves, got a clean cutting board, washed the knife he was using, and then went to the smoker and pulled out fresh meat! Because my friends and I all enjoy BBQ and wanted to try everything, we all ordered different proteins – ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. He pulled out fresh ones of each for us. Then the nice ladies at the sides area pulled fresh sides for each of us, too!!

The funny part is, there were two Canadian gentlemen behind us. While in line, we made suggestions on the best things to order. The Canadians then came upstairs and ate dinner with us. During dinner they asked what magic words we had said in order for them to pull out fresh proteins for all of us because they got the regular stuff. We told them it was because we had a special code word!!

I have put a great review on Jack’s BBQ site too for them. As people with gluten issues, it is always great when you can find some place that really knows how to keep us safe. It is important that they know I appreciate the extra time it took for them to make sure I enjoyed my experience there.

We went to The Stage and Tootsies to listen to live music and dance. I drank just enough alcohol and stopped about 10ish anticipating my long day Thursday. My friends did not stop and you can imagine all of the hilarity that might have ensued. Lora and Caroline said I couldn’t tell, so you will just have to imagine.

Oh by the way, our Uber driver from the condo to Lower Broadway’s fare just before he picked us up was Jerry Lee Lewis!! We had an almost brush with a famous guy!! Pretty cool for a Wednesday.

We got back to the condo just after 12:30 and alarms were set for 8a the next morning.

Check out part 2 for more details about Thursday and the actual food challenge!!

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