Eating at a wedding???

I saw on one of the Facebook posts a woman was worried about going to a wedding. She was worried about bringing her own food, keeping it hidden and not causing a ruckus, and just being different.

Here’s my take on it – talk to the bride or host about your special dietary requirements at least a month in advance or when you mail the RSVP. Giving the host a lot of time before the wedding makes less stress on them as their big day approaches and ensures your request can be handled. The host may already know about your needs and have talked to the caterer about your needs. The host wants you to enjoy their party too!!

The risk of cross contamination is the same eating at this wedding or eating at a non-gluten free restaurant. The gluten free plate will hopefully be made before, wrapped in plastic and marked as gluten free, then rewarmed and brought to you when the meal is served.

Talking to the wedding planner or wait staff before the meal gets started is another good idea. It is to let them know where you are sitting and that you are the special request.

I would not expect a piece of cake though!! But nobody likes cake anyway. Ha! (Not really, I miss cake a lot.) 😉

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