Potpourri of thoughts

I’ve been thinking about a lot of varied stuff but none of it complete enough for a whole post, so that calls for a potpourri of randomness today. I’m going to talk about Pizza and Pasta restaurants, symptoms vs. diagnosis, TTG-IGA, and support vs. education.

What am I eating this week?

Here are 4 gluten free meals. This week I went a little over my normal $100 budget with a steak for a big deal my husband just closed, but you can do a steak just use a less expensive cut of meat.

Drug Trial Cancelled

I was doing research on another drug today – Vedolizumab. It is a drug currently used in Cystic Fibrosis and showed some promise in Phase 1 clinical trials. Great!
They opened Phase 2 clinical trials in October 2016. They closed trials in October 2018 due to a lack of patient enrollment. They had one location in Maryland for the trial and one participant.