Still sick, even with gluten free diet? Duh!

Another study came out saying that the gluten free diet is insufficient for the adequate treatment of celiac disease. Even those with well controlled symptoms may still have a low grade inflammatory fire burning in your guts. Let's discuss.

Low FODMAP Diet, the next gluten free?

OMG - I have been remiss. I have not written about the FODMAP diet extensively. Today, I will rectify that misake. I will talk about what the diet is, why it is good, and how could it help with elusive glutening-like symptoms but you know you didn't eat gluten.

30 Days

Day 1 of 30 for What a Celiac Eats. Breakfast - Bacon, and gruyere scrambled eggs. Udi's Multigrain Toast with homemade blueberry jam and butter. Lunch - Crunchmaster gluten-free crackers, fancy cheese leftover from Mother's Day, fig jam, grapes, caramel popcorn, and fancy pudding in a jar I'm trying - PetitPot. Dinner - I know … Continue reading 30 Days

Aldi Hangover

The discount grocery store Aldi is legendary in the celiac community for its gluten-free selections. Their Live G Free line of gluten-free products is inexpensive, tasty, and safe for those with celiac disease. Aldi even expands the line during May for celiac awareness month. All of this is great, but there is a price to pay - the Aldi Hangover.