Interesting article about self diagnosis.

The woman in the article, a former nurse, believed she had celiac disease. She self diagnosed, removed gluten, and continued to be sick. She was finally diagnosed with something completely unrelated. Please continue eating gluten and  consult a physician if you believe you have celiac.  Then if the blood test and biopsy disagree, please keep … Continue reading Interesting article about self diagnosis.

Clinical Trial Update

I am updating all of the information on active clinical trials right here! I hope you can find something of interest and are willing to participate. Not all trials involve drugs or consuming gluten so find one that suits you and sign up!!!

Summer and Malt Beverages

It's finally summer and it's hot. Before diagnosis, I would have pulled out a cold BudLight and enjoyed it! Now, there are a variety of spiked seltzers, wine in a can, and a variety of other canned beverages appropriate for those with celiac disease. Let's discuss.