Feeling poorly

Sometimes I feel poorly. Monday was the perfect example. Nausea, fatigue, some gastrointestinal distress (but not major), and just an in general not feeling well. But the issue is, I didn’t eat out nor did I eat any heavily processed gluten free foods for the four days prior.

Does your house have to be 100% gluten-free?

One of the first questions along this gluten-free journey is - will your house be 100% gluten-free? Most of the time, the knee jerk reaction is that yes, everything will be 100% gluten-free in my home. And I completely understand. But it is possible to co-exist in the same home with gluten eaters. Each family … Continue reading Does your house have to be 100% gluten-free?

Old Wheat vs. New Wheat

"Ugh, celiac disease is caused by GMO modern wheat." "My cousin with celiac disease went to Europe. He ate European bread without a reaction." "Ancient grains don't cause celiac disease. You should eat more of those." We've all heard these things. I might even roll my eyes and walk away. Now, science proves that old wheat and new wheat can both cause celiac disease.

TTG IGA Negative & Still Celiac?

Celiac disease is commonly found when a patient reports symptoms to their doctor. Simple blood tests are run. Most commonly the Tissue Transglutaminase IGA or TTG IGA test is done. The TTG IGA test often determines if further celiac testing is warranted. The reliance on the TTG IGA test to determine further celiac testing may be a bit overblown. I'll explain.