Spleen, Celiac, and Covid-19

About 30% of those with celiac disease have an issue with their spleen not functioning properly or is underactive. I'm going to talk about what the spleen does, how the spleen is affected by celiac, and how that is related to Covid-19.

Refractory Celiac

Refractory Celiac (RCD) disease is something many of us worry about. We worry because we know with each cross-contamination or each mistake with an ingredient while cooking, we are potentially one step closer to this disease. But it seems to be a much more serious and different, but related disease to Celiac.

Take advantage and cook!

I know we are all social distancing right now. Most of us are staying at home and more importantly, eating at home, which means we have absolute control over what we eat. We don't have to worry about restaurant cross-contamination or social interactions involving food. We are masters of our destiny.

Why is a proper, ironclad diagnosis important?

Why is a proper, iron-clad diagnosis important? I mean, there is no medicine and no cure. The only thing the doctor can offer is a gluten free diet. Also, why is a diagnosis important at all? I know I have a problem with gluten. I eat gluten and it makes me sick. I have a problem with gluten - done. I don't need thousands of dollars worth of tests to get diagnosed with something I already know.

Similarities of Celiac and Covid19

was talking to a friend of mine today with a medically fragile child. She is understandably scared of her daughter getting Covid19. She was going through the list of procedures that she is going to through after being in public to protect her child from a virus that can literally be anywhere. Then I had an idea - it is similar to those of us with celiac disease and gluten.

It is day 7….

It has only been 7 days since the poop really hit the fan on this coronavirus for those in the US and I needed a break from social media, news reports. I wanted to simply focus on my family for the weekend. Even though they annoyed the tar out of me, were exceptionally lazy, continually made messes throughout the house, and just got on my very last nerve - I had to distance myself from the virus news and focus on our new rhythms as a family. While I don't have a totally new perspective, I have some new ideas.

Infectious disease increases TTG IGA in non-celiac children

Today's topic is about how infectious diseases in children can cause temporary false positives on the TTG IGA and EMA IGA. Because of this the emphasis on proper testing and making sure a complete diagnostic work up is really important, especially for children.