Infectious disease increases TTG IGA in non-celiac children

Today's topic is about how infectious diseases in children can cause temporary false positives on the TTG IGA and EMA IGA. Because of this the emphasis on proper testing and making sure a complete diagnostic work up is really important, especially for children.

What have we eaten?

It had been almost a week since the poop really hit the fan in this pandemic. The initial panic of last Friday has sort of settled down and the new realities of life at home are starting to set in for us. I'm going to talk about the dinners we have eaten for the past week in hopes that it will put your mind at ease that this can be done.

What I bought at the grocery store….

After a variety of trips to the grocery store for corona-geddon, I'll tell you what I bought. Yes, I went on 8 different grocery store runs in the past 3 days. I'm embarrassed, but yes, 8 runs. Now, one time it was because I forgot one thing and that was all I got. What did I buy during these 8 runs?


So, this Covid-19 virus thing really has be on my heels. Schools are cancelled. Concerts, sporting events, and big social gatherings are all cancelled. Grocery stores are out of bread, toilet paper, and cold medicines. It feels surreal.