Silent Celiac

To heartiest of celiac patients – those with silent celiac disease……

Imagine if you ate gluten, even large amounts of gluten, and nothing happened. No consequences or symptoms. No diarrhea, constipation, stomach ache, fatigue, brain fog, or any other consequences for consuming gluten. Yet, your intestines are destroyed with all of the damage from celiac disease. The blood tests and biopsies were positive for celiac disease. There is no doubt celiac disease is present. They say up to 10% of those with celiac disease are considered “silent” celiac patients.

While there may not be classic celiac symptoms, there is still damage occurring. Vitamin deficiencies, organ damage, increased cancer risks, and all of the other consequences associated with uncontrolled celiac remain. A gluten free diet is required for these patients as well.

The silent celiac patients have to maintain a gluten free diet without knowing if they are consuming gluten. I always call them the hardiest celiac patients. They have to maintain a gluten free diet trusting that what they are doing is helping their bodies. In my mind, they live a life more challenging than those with symptoms, because why not? Why not eat the gluten filled meal today? The reality is that the gluten meal today could cause consequences tomorrow or in 20 years, they just don’t know. Just hard, hard, hard…..

To the silent celiac patients, know I see you and have great respect for your journey. Keep up the fight! #glutensensitivity #glutenfreerecipes #glutenfree #celiacdisease #celiac

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