Tour of celiac drugs….CALY 002!

Calypso Biotech in Europe has begun Phase 1 clinical trials for their immune modulating product CALY-002. First dose was administered to patients in June 2021 and the study is expected to conclude in Sept 2022. CALY 002 is an Interleukin-15 (IL-15) modulator that is supposed to induce gluten tolerance.

The driver of celiac disease is immune system malfunction. The body mounts an immune reaction to the gluten involving T-cells, cytokines, and eosinophils. IL-15 up regulates T-cells, cytokines, and eosinophils to cause the hallmark damage in celiac disease. CALY 002 is supposed to help regulate IL-15. AMG-715 is another IL-15 modulator that has shown moderate success in refractory celiac. But that is for tomorrow.

CALY 002 worked really well in a test tube, mice, and monkeys. It induced gluten tolerance in animals genetically programmed mice and monkeys. Additionally, CALY 002 prevented Refractory Celiac Disease Type 2 (RCD2) from developing in a Petri dish with RCD2 cells.

CALY 002 is also a drug they are evaluating for Eosinophilic Esophagitis as well as celiac disease.

Here are some links….
Clinical Trial link –
Initial study showing results in Petri dish –
Cool image from company’s web site about how CALY 002 works –

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