Gluten Free Watchdog…..

Yesterday, I talked about my decision making process with buying gluten free foods. What prompted that post is a significant number of recent posts from Gluten Free Watchdog where small manufacturers are mislabeling their products gluten free. The product obviously has a gluten containing grain in the ingredients list. Most often, the offending product is barley or rye.

FDA rules about gluten free labeling are that the product must contain less than 20ppm of gluten, no gluten containing products or their derivatives can be used in the manufacture of a product labeled gluten free. Additionally, manufacturers must label the top 8 allergens in bold on the label. Rye and barley are not part of this top 8 allergen list, which is why there may be some confusion from manufacturers.

Most often these mis-labeled products come from small manufacturers. My guess is they are trying to capitalize on the gluten free crazy and unintentionally mislabel their products. I am hoping they would not intentionally hurt the gluten free public.

My recommendation is that if a product is labeled gluten free and you are unfamiliar with the manufacturer, read the label. Follow Gluten Free Watchdog on social media. When they find a mislabeled product, they do post on social media to make sure the gluten free community is aware and protected.

Stay safe out there!!! #glutensensitivity #glutenfreerecipes #glutenfree #celiacdisease #celiac

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