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For me, I have a tendency to rely on unpackaged foods to feed my family. Last night we had chicken thighs with a watermelon glaze, rice, and green beans from my CSA. I have always cooked. Making the transition to gluten free cooking was difficult, but not overwhelming for me. I know the transition is much more difficult for others.

The few gluten free processed foods I do buy fall into this decision making process. Certified gluten free products are what I look for first. Next, I look to see if it is labeled gluten free. Third, I check the label on the gluten free labeled product. If I cannot find a gluten free label, I start with a different product. If I see a suspicious ingredient, I put it back and start the search over.

I no longer purchase or consume processed food products that are not at least labeled gluten free.

My husband and I were talking about this today. He said that sometimes something that isn’t labeled gluten free but has no gluten containing ingredients may taste better or be less expensive. Maybe, but is it worth my health?

I used to buy and consume products without a gluten free label. I just have changed my mind. For me, it is too hard and my time is too valuable to chase down a manufacturer that didn’t want to or couldn’t label their product gluten free. Then to review their website or contact customer service and get a vague non-committal answer. Not for me. There is another product that will do the trick just fine. I cannot think of a single time where I couldn’t find an alternative product that didn’t have a gluten free label.

What is your opinion on how you purchase gluten free foods? Is it only certified gluten free, gluten free, no gluten containing ingredients, or something else?

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  1. I do prefer cooking with fresh whole foods and when I can’t I do look for Certified GF items. I recently switched to Krogers instead of H‑E‑B (Texas) because Krogers does fuel rewards. With the switch I have had to change certain brands. We also travel a lot and when we travel we get VRBOs so I can cook. In these situations where I have to change brands or use something that is in a grocery store I’m not used to I rely on my app The Gluten Free Scanner. Sometimes the item doesn’t pop up on my app, if I have the time I search the Gluten Free Watchdog’s database or Google the website and see if it’s on their website. Luckily I don’t do it often since I do cook with naturally GF ingredients but that’s what I do when I get processed foods like pasta sauces, seasonings, salad dressings, etc.

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