Old Wheat vs. New Wheat

“Ugh, celiac disease is caused by GMO modern wheat.” “My cousin with celiac disease went to Europe. He ate European bread without a reaction.” “Ancient grains don’t cause celiac disease. You should eat more of those.” We’ve all heard these things. I might even roll my eyes and walk away. Now, science proves that old wheat and new wheat can both cause celiac disease.

Modern Wheat

A study published in March 2021 studied popular wheat varieties grown between 1891 and 2010. Scientists studied the proteins related to celiac disease over this 119-year span. They found that environmental factors affected the celiac disease proteins more than the variety of wheat grown. Even though environmental factors affected the proteins, the disease-causing potential of the wheat was comparable. So, old wheat is not any less disease-causing than modern wheat.

Europe and Celiac Disease

If someone with celiac disease could eat wheat in Europe, every celiac sufferer I know would move to Europe. They would purchase European wheat products and pay whatever price needed. Some smart person would open a grocery store stocked with European, gluten-filled, celiac-safe products!

Italy and Finland have very high rates of celiac disease. Italy screens young children for celiac disease and has a robust gluten-free food movement. “Senze glutine” means gluten-free in Italian. Lots of studies about celiac disease that take place in Finland.

More coming

I did a bunch of research a few days ago and am sorting through all the articles I found. I also have gotten into a rhythm with my new job, managing kids, and finding writing time. Look forward to more articles coming out from me as we move forward.

2 thoughts on “Old Wheat vs. New Wheat”

  1. Thanks so much for this confirmation! I’m tired of hearing this also. I traveled to both Finland and Italy and can vouch that both countries have quite a high availability of GF restaurants and products compared to the US. They don’t eat ‘old wheat’ in either of those countries.

  2. It’s very frustrating being a severe celiac, here they don’t have much, no coffee shops has gluten free muffins, if something is G.F. they sneak in other bad ingredients like corn syrup, soy, there is soy in many foods labeled G.F. & alot of celiacs can’t have soy & yes it cost more to make gluten free foods but how is a person able to afford gluten free foods they are triple the price or more depending which store u go too, very discouraging, ty

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