Cross Contamination

Cross contamination is like to boogey man of living gluten free. We believe that cross contamination is everywhere and nowhere to be seen. But are we getting as much contmination as we think?

This study investigates the use of obviously contaminated kitchen utensils and their cross contamination effects on gluten free food. Researchers used a wooden spoon, colander, ladle, and knife previously used to cook and/or prepare gluten contaminated foods was used for the preparation of gluten free bread and pasta. With the exception noted, all gluten free food items tested at less than 20ppm. The highest contamination risk was from a ladel, which exceeded 20ppm.

Specifically the authors note, “patients need to be informed that domestic kitchen utensils, when properly cleaned, do not pose a health risk from gluten. Purchase of new kitchen utensils or cooking GF foods in separate kitchen does not seem to be necessary”

But this study isn’t foolproof. Authors note that they cannot replicate all of the myriad of situations for cross contamination in a kitchen. Also, the samples may have been diluted too much, in other words, too much sample and not enough gluten to accurately test the amount of gluten due to cross contamination. 

My point in posting this is that much is made about having a 100% gluten free kitchen and this study says it may not be necessary. Proper cleaning and good cross contamination protocols may be enough to keep someone safe in a gluten and gluten free mixed kitchen.

Here is the study for you to read. It is a pretty easy read.

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