Fall Activities

Hey Celiac Folks…It’s fall or at least in the southeast, false fall, and it is time to talk about some things fall. A follower reached out to me regarding fall type activities and how safe they are for those with celiac disease. Let’s discuss…..

Hay rides – Gluten is contained in wheat berries. Wheat berries are harvested and ground into flour. Hay or wheat stalks do not contain gluten. Wheat stalks are the stuff used to may hay rides and ground cover. Is there a chance that a few wheat berries remain in the hay? Sure, but to combat that there are a few things to remember. Wash your hands after handling or interacting with wheat straw, change your clothes when you get home, and take a shower to make sure you get all of the potential berries off of you, just in case.

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Anything – Starbucks says that anything in their store has the capacity to be cross contaminated. Duh, that is true of any non-dedicated gluten free restaurant. A google search will yield a million ways to order a gluten free beverage. Looking at Starbuck’s website, clicking on an individual drink item, and looking at the nutritional information will provide an ingredient list. Every beverage item I reviewed, the allergen list is “unavailable”. They do list the ingredients. There is no way to tell if these ingredients are gluten free or not. Starbucks has and is always, for me, a drink at your own risk type of place.

Hot Chocolate Drink MIx – Make sure the powdered stuff is listed as certified gluten free or gluten free. I made that mistake with Nesquick for a while. But for me, nothing beats Hershey’s Syrup and milk heated over a stove with some whipped cream on top. I’ve even been known to add vodka or peppermint schnapps as a kick!

Apple crisp – Easy, gluten free, without oats, apple crisp recipe right here for you – https://southernfoodandfun.com/easy-apple-crisp-with-no-oats/

If there are other fall activities you are concerned about, drop me a DM. #glutensensitivity #glutenfreerecipes #glutenfree #celiacdisease #celiac

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