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My husband was out with a coworker last night after a successful day. The coworker was ordering food to go for her new boyfriend with celiac disease. The coworker dutifully ordered from the gluten-free menu and mentioned celiac disease.

The server said one of the items was cooked in a shared fryer. The coworker looked to my husband for advice. My husband smartly informed the coworker that the stated fryer was a no-go.

Several things went right here. The coworker that is in the new relationship knew to order from a gluten-free menu. The restaurant knew to mention the shared fryer. My husband knew enough to say the shared fryer wouldn’t work.

This story made me proud and happy. We are going to a concert with this couple later this summer. I won’t have to mention the need for a gluten-free restaurant prior to the concert this night!

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