ZED 1227

Continuing our tour of potential celiac drugs in the pipeline…..ZED1227 is up next.

ZED 1227 is an interesting drug in that it bridges two common methodologies in celiac drug research. Commonly, celiac drugs fall into one of a two categories – immune modulators (trains the immune system to ignore gluten) or gluten degrading enzymes (breaks down gluten in the stomach before it can do damage). Commonly immune modulator type drugs are injected or infused at intervals to be determined by clinical trials and gluten degrading enzymes are taken at mealtimes.

About a year ago, ZED1227 successfully completed Phase 2a studies in Europe. It is a pill taken daily that trains the immune system to ignore gluten – in other words, a daily pill to regulate the immune system to ignore gluten. Participants took a pill a day, endured gluten challenges, and reported few side effects. At the end of the trial, patients receiving ZED1227 showed little to no damage to their small intestine compared to those on placebo.

Zedira, the owner of ZED1227, it excited about these trial results and will be moving forward with additional trials in the near future. They say they are going to complete more “real world” trials next. They also say that they could lower the dosage of the drug and maintain its effectiveness.

This one is interesting to me. It has been around for a while, but it looks like Zedira are pushing forward with more clinical trials. When this drug first came to my attention in 2018/2019 it was a big splash – they had a cure for celiac disease. But since then, the hullabaloo has quieted down around this drug. We will see how this plays out over the next few years! #glutensensitivity #glutenfreerecipes #glutenfree #celiacdisease #celiac

Link to the study results…. https://www.mdpi.com/2073-4409/11/10/1667/htm

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