Is this drug gluten free?

We’ve all been there. Asking a doctor or pharmacist if a drug is gluten free and getting the inevitable eye roll. The pharmacist does a perfunctory search and pronounces the drug gluten free. If you are lucky, the pharmacist does a real search and truly investigates to see if a drug is gluten free. We might take matters into our own hands and contact the manufacturer ourselves.

There is a website available that lists all of the ingredients of a particular drug formulation based on dosing and manufacturer. This database is maintained by the FDA, is searchable, and contains all of the information regarding what is in the medication.

This website is mostly used by pharmacists. There may be ingredients that need to be further researched to determine if they contain gluten. But it gives you a starting place to look for information. I’ve looked up about 20 drugs, just for fun, to see if any gluten containing ingredients jumped out at me. I didn’t find anything that screamed gluten contamination.

In order to use the website, type in the drug name. A list of the drugs will appear and you will need to find the manufacturer. The manufacturer of the drug is listed in small print on the prescription bottle beneath the name of the drug. Once the manufacturer is narrowed down, confirm the dosage information. Different dosages of the same drug by the same manufacturer may have different ingredients. Select that drug then scroll looking for “Ingredients and Appearance”. Within the “Ingredients and Appearance” section, each ingredient will be listed.

Hope this helps!!!

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