Thanksgiving Poem

May your Thanksgiving turkey be juicy
May your mashed potatoes be lumpy, but your gravy not
May your cranberry saucy be jiggly and wiggly and sweet
May your stuffing be moist and your dinner rolls buttery
May Cool Whip cover your piece of pumpkin pie completely because its Thanksgiving
Let the drunk uncle rant incessantly about controversial politics
Let your in laws not get on your nerves, and keep your mouth shut
Let the children giggle and wiggle and dance
Let the perceived insults roll off your back like water off a duck
Let the family enjoy each other's company and relax into the day because its Thanksgiving
 Allow the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade to blare on the television
Allow the wine to flow freely and the smiles to come more easily
Allow the dishes to sit as one more joke is told at the Thanksgiving table
Allow easy rhythm of the post Thanksgiving haze envelop you in much earned nap
Allow dessert to be eaten before the leftovers for dinner because its Thanksgiving
Prayers for safe passage and good weather for those traveling
Prayers for those that cannot be with us this year and those grieving for their loss
Prayers for broken families that this time may help repair what is broken
Prayers for those that are fighting for their country that they understand we appreciate their sacrifice
Prayers that we all realize family and friends are the most important thing at Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

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