Stupid T-Cells and IL-2 May Lead to End of Gluten Challenge

New study shows why people with celiac get sick so quickly after consuming gluten. When exposed to gluten, the body dumps immune T-cell and cytokines into the bloodstream causing symptoms.

There are lots of types of T-Cells in our body and they are important to immune function. The type of T-cell that is activated in a celiac response is the CD4+ T-cells. The CD4+ T-Cells are the ones that initiate the additional autoimmune response creating B-Cells, Interleukin-2, and cytokines. I don’t really understand how all that works. My brain is full of stem cell research right now, but suffice it to say, that the stupid CD4+ T-Cells are the bad guys in this scenario.

The rapid release of CD4+ T-Cells and subsequent release of cytokines is why we feel bad when consuming gluten.

Because of this rapid release, there is the potential for the end of the gluten challenge – which I discussed in January 2019. They can give someone a single dose of gluten in a doctor’s office and measure the CD4+ and cytokine response. Testing for celiac disease this way, may be the end of the gluten challenge!

Here is a link to the article that sparked this post!

See, sometimes I know what I’m talking about!! 😉

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