Fecal Transplants

While doing research for other articles, KumaMax, latiglutenase, and Stem Cell Transplants, I found that in Hong Kong they are doing a clinical trial on Fecal Transplants as a treatment for Celiac disease.

We all know that I love a unique approach to curing celiac. I loved the study of tapeworms in Australia. Tapeworms were not an effective treatment for celiac, just so you know.

The University of Hong Kong is doing a study where they do a fecal transplant of the microbiota for celiac disease. They are doing this study for a long list of diseases such as crohn’s, diabetes mellitus, IBS, and constipation just to name a few.

It seems they do the transplant and watch the progress for a year. They are taking 450 patients. The initial study documents do not describe how often you have to go or stay.

Fecal transplants are only available in the US for recurrent bouts of Clostrum difficile or C. Diff infections. In 2016 there were successful studies regarding fecal transplant and obesity, but no specific fecal transplant method has been FDA approved for obesity or other disease.

I will email the study people but this was fun enough to write something quickly today about it. Here is a link to the study.

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