Menu This Week

I know everyone has a hard time with eating. I do too sometimes and I hope this will help everyone get through a week of weeknight meals. None of these meals are particularly complex, can get on the table fast, and are relatively healthy.

MondayGF Lasagna & crouton less Cesar salad. I know lasagna seems like it would be a tricky swap, but the only gluten item in the lasagna I made before was the noodles. So, a simple swap of the noodle to a gluten free noodle, and magically it is done. To do the Ceasar salad, I use Bolton Farms Yogurt Caesar and Romaine hearts with some pepper.

Tuesday – Cheese and BBQ Chicken with Corn on the Cob and baked beans. Grill chicken breasts. At the end of cooking, put BBQ sauce and some cheddar cheese to melt onto the chicken. I grill the corn on the cob on the same grill I’m cooking the chicken. If you really want to get fancy with the corn on the cob – cook the corn, slather in mayonnaise, then sprinkle cojita cheese and paprika or if you like it spicy chili powder on top. Open a can of your favorite Bush’s baked beans and you have dinner on the table. This is the rub for the chicken if you want to make it extra special – I put the rub on everything – pork, steak, chicken, everything!

WednesdayShrimp Creole This gets on the table as fast as the rice cooks if you buy already peeled and deveined shrimp.

Thursday – Hamburger and onion rings. To make onion rings, I slice sweet onions into thick rings and put in a bowl. Sprinkle the rings with some gluten free pancake mix- this helps the batter stick to the rings. Use gluten free Bisquick or other pancake batter and thin the batter just a bit with extra milk. Dip the rings in the batter and fry. This batter is also great if you want to make chicken fingers, but you have to beef up the batter with lots of salt, pepper, and whatever seasoning you like. Or just make french fries or tater tots, but sometimes, especially when Vidalia onions are in season, I want some onion rings!

FridayGluten free frozen pizza because I’ve cooked all week.

Again, I hope this helps and you can cater it to your family’s taste buds any way you like!!

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