Certified gluten free – not 100% gluten free

What does the gluten free label and certified gluten free label mean in the US? Let's find out. According to the FDA, in order for a product to be labelled gluten free it has to be lower than 20 parts per million. The rule goes on to say that the food cannot contain: An ingredient … Continue reading Certified gluten free – not 100% gluten free

Pot Luck Hell

Pot lucks are lovely events. Until someone has a food allergy, food sensitivity, or celiac disease. They turn into minefields of torture with buried bombs of gluten everywhere! The only way to not get sick is to not participate but that brings up a variety of issues. So, not participating is a perfectly acceptable way … Continue reading Pot Luck Hell

4 Meals for 4 for $100

Weekly feature about what I have or will cook for our family for $100 for the week. Four meals for our family of four for less than $100. Meals are primarily gluten free, but can be made gluten-full if you desire. Sunday - Cola pork and french fries. The Cola pork is easy. Put a … Continue reading 4 Meals for 4 for $100