Note to the significant others that support us!

Today, I wanted to write a note to our long suffering significant others. Our significant others put up with a lot. Though we are entering a time of education and awareness for our disease, I thought a note of compassion for those that support them was due.

Nexvax: One Month After

Nexvax: One Month Later - So, its been about a month since I was removed from the Nexvaxx trial for my safety. Just in case you didn't know, a day after food challenge #2 I had an allergic reaction that required me to go to the ER to get it under control. I'm fine, but out of an abundance of caution I was removed from the study. Fair enough.

4 Meals for 4 for $100

Weekly feature about what I have or will cook for our family for $100 for the week. Four meals for our family of four for less than $100. Meals are primarily gluten free, but can be made gluten-full if you desire. Sunday - Cola pork and french fries. The Cola pork is easy. Put a … Continue reading 4 Meals for 4 for $100