Gluten Proteins In Wheat

Over the past 10 years there has been an increase in the number of celiac patients around the world. A few theories regarding the increase in cases are increased awareness, easier screening for celiac, increased hygiene, increased gluten consumption earlier in life, and increased concentration of gluten proteins in wheat. We are going to talk about a recent study evaluating the immunostimulatory parts of wheat.

Case Study in Celiac remission – Part 1

According to the case study published today, a man with celiac disease, alopecia, and rheumatoid arthritis was prescribed off label Tofacitinib to control the alopecia. He had always been less than strict on his gluten free diet and after starting the Tofacitinib returned to a gluten containing diet. Routine follow up for his celiac disease detected no mucosal damage in the small intestine. Wow! I've got some questions here.....


A nice person asked me yesterday for advice in living with roommates and a refresher on cross contamination protocols. Roommates pose an interesting problem for those with celiac disease because you cannot control their behavior. You can request certain things and hope they comply, but can never be sure. You have to do your best to stay safe. So, here are some suggestions for keeping safe while living with roommates.