Blood Tests….

When I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I had six blood tests for celiac disease and all of them were positive. My TTG IGA was over 300 when positive was 10. At the time, my non-gastroenterologist said, “You have celiac sprue. You can go to the GI and get an endoscopy, but you have celiac. Go gluten free and follow up with your GI in a year.”

After a year, my TTG IGA was still over 100 and my Marsh score from an endoscopy was still Marsh 3c. Another year later and I was close to normal, my TTG IGA was 12 when 10 was negative. My biopsy was still Marsh 3b. In the third year, I finally got into the “normal” range. Another two years later, so 5 years after diagnosis my endoscopy results were in the “normal” range. I have not been out of normal since my blood tests normalized.

Research from 2017 indicates the TTG IGA and EMA tests are poor indicators of small intestinal healing.

What is my point? Just because your blood tests are “normal” does not indicate intestinal healing. Make sure to get routine follow up visits, including endoscopy, periodically with your gastroenterologist to ensure proper healing and management of your celiac disease.

I want you to be healthy and live a really long time with this disease! #glutensensitivity #glutenfreerecipes #glutenfree #celiacdisease #celiac

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