Gluten free product return?

A new allergic reaction with a family member to a bee sting that was unexpectedly severe kept me in the emergency room late last night. The family member is on the mend! So, my fatigued brain doesn’t have the ability to do research today. I was re-reading some articles I wrote during the pandemic…..

I wanted to ask if you learned anything new during the pandemic about celiac or your gluten free diet. Gluten eaters in a panic about not having food bought a bunch of gluten free substitutes as a replacement for their missing gluten filled favorites. I think many gluten eaters were shocked at the taste, texture, and baking qualities of the gluten free substitutes.

I predicted some manufacturers would cut their gluten free production lines in favor of the easier to produce gluten products. I think most of the gluten free products have returned, but not all.

Do you feel like pre-pandemic gluten free foods are back in stock and fully available? Have you had to switch some of your favorite products because they stopped begin produced?

Let me know…..I’m curious. #glutensensitivity #glutenfreerecipes #glutenfree #celiacdisease #celiac

2 thoughts on “Gluten free product return?”

  1. I discovered Feel Good Foods which are amazing. They were available during the pandemic but now the prices have just about doubled recently. Roughly $10 for a frozen package with enough for one or possibly 2 small meals is hard on the budget.

    1. I have not seen FGF double in price around here. As a matter of fact, now that I can get FGF at Kroger I have actually been paying less for their products than I did at Whole Foods. But everywhere is different!

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