Types of Celiac

Active vs latent vs silent celiac disease…..There are several different types of celiac disease when on a gluten containing diet.

Active celiac disease is where there is villous atrophy, positive blood tests, and often symptoms related to celiac disease. Vomiting, diarrhea, consipation, brain fog, fatigue, and a variety of other common symptoms. This is typically where most people are diagnosed with celiac disease.

Silent celiac disease is where there is villous atrophy and positive blood tests are present, but no obvious symptoms. I imagine celiac is often diagnosed in this situation where patients have anemia or Type 1 diabetes or just guessing. Again, a diagnosis is often made here as well.

Latent celiac disease is where the blood tests, often the TTG IGA is a low positive but the EMA is negative. Also, when a biopsy is performed there are no signs of celiac damage – blunted villi, crypt hyperplasia, or increase intraepithelial lymphocytes. Most are not diagnosed with celiac at this time because of a lack of classical damage in the small intestine.

Latent celiac is different than “remission” or “well controlled” celiac disease. When celiac is in remission, it means that your blood tests for celiac are all negative and the damage to the small intestines have healed. Reintroducing gluten would reintroduce damage. In latent celiac, reintroducing gluten would not reintroduce damage.

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