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A study on celiac and probiotics from 2018 seems to be a study of studies. They talk about how imbalances in the microbiome could help lead to the start of celiac and the progression of the disease. They also note that, even on a strict gluten free diet that imbalances in the microbiome may remain. Specifically, in those with celiac disease, “intestinal microbiota of patients with CD that are mainly characterized by an increased abundance of Bacteroides spp. and a decrease in Bifidobacterium spp.”

In doing some other research, it seems that the Bacteroides are mainly harmless. But there is one that can cause problems. Bacteroides fragilis is the only strain of Bacteroides spp. associated with diarrhea. The Bifidobacterium seems to help with protecting the gut lining. So, we seem to have a lot of the bad bacteria and too few of the good bacteria. Anyway, back to our story.

So, the idea that the gut imbalance can contribute to ongoing symptoms starts to look like one of the reasons many of us continue to experience symptoms even on a gluten free diet. The authors conclusion on this paper is that we need to more studies on the microbiome. There might be a pattern to the microbiome of celiac patients. They might be able to create a cure harnessing the power of the microbiome. Basically, these guys think the microbiome is the holy grail in finding a solution to this disease.

Here is a link to the study….

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