Would you say your celiac disease is “well controlled”?

Why or why not? What makes you say that? What sacrifices have you made to achieve well controlled celiac? Still having ongoing symptoms? Has your doctor helped or made recommendations for controlling symptoms? Has your doctor tested you for refractory celiac?

I have some theories about these things, but I don’t want to influence what you all say here. I will let you all know what I’m thinking on Monday.

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  1. Ben Simpson Avatar
    Ben Simpson

    Being recently diagnosed with Celiac desease,l have been on a gluten free diet for 10 weeks now and have noticed some minor improvements and sacrifices have had to be made but l find that most times l had tried Gluten free products especially cereals and pastries off the shelves at supermarkets l have experienced a sort of relapse ,did some research and found out that there could be some minimal hidden gluten in most of these products .
    I would definitely like to hear from those fellow sufferers especially those who are at the onset of treatment as to what or how successfully they manage their diets .I live in a country where there isn’t much we can eat and there isn’t an awareness that this desease is real .
    Please anyone who can share their experiences with me so l can assit others in my country who have symptoms but doctors can’t provide accurate diagnosis .
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    Ben Simpson
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    Email : ben.smpsn147@gmail.com

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