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I always like a good list. This list is a trick or two about going gluten free. You may already know these or you may have some to add.

  1. Gluten free bread must be toasted, always. Gluten free bread is dense. Toasting it makes the bread at least a little crispy and easier to tolerate.
  2. No, thank you, just a little bit will hurt. Yes. It hurts. It always hurts. Even if it doesn’t hurt today or you don’t have immediate symptoms it always hurts.

Eating gluten free is hard. As you gain more knowledge about gluten free eating, it gets easier, but it is never easy.

Most recipes can be converted to gluten free. A swap for a gluten free ingredient here and there and most recipes can be made gluten free.

Whole foods are better for your body than processed ones. This is true whether gluten free items or not. It is especially true with gluten free foods. Typically they replace gluten in processed foods with fat and sugar.

“Gluten friendly” does not equal “gluten free” Restaurants are now touting “gluten friendly” menus due to the technical nature of the term “gluten free”. It just means you have to ask a few more questions. Here’s another article I wrote about gluten free fad dieters.

Don’t believe everything you read in the Celiac support groups. Some of the information is good and they can be helpful. Some of the information is scary and downright wrong.

Blood tests alone do not indicate compliance with the diet. The celiac blood tests, typically TTG IGA or TTG IGG, are not sensitive enough to pick up small amounts of gluten ingestion.

Symptoms alone do not indicate exposure to gluten. Once properly diagnosed and following a gluten free diet, symptoms could be related to gluten exposure or they could be related to something else. Don’t always assume everything is gluten related. Here is more about your immune system and celiac disease.

Stay on a gluten diet until diagnosed with celiac. Testing for celiac disease will be inaccurate if one removes gluten before testing is complete. A gluten challenge is what could happen if someone doesn’t stay on a gluten diet through testing.

You are always exposed to gluten. Nobody is 100% gluten free. It is impossible. We have to strive for perfection and hope that we get it right 99% of the time.

Sometimes, quick lists are the best! This one is short and sweet. Here’s an article I wrote specifically for the newly diagnosed out there!!

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