Lots of research

While I am involved in the Nexvax2 research, there is a lot of research going on around the world. Over the next week, I’m going to focus on what cool studies are out there and where they are in the world. Today is going to be an overview of what everyone is looking at and where you can get more information if you are looking to join. I will delve into some of the phase 2 drug trials later this week.

It seems there are 2-3 studies currently ongoing to determine a good testing method for Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity or NCGS. I know many people are frustrated when their Celiac blood work or biopsies come back negative, but they truly believe they have a problem with gluten. There have been some studies that have shown the immune system is activated but they aren’t sure how or why. One of the studies looks at gynecological issues, one looks at a new blood test, and the last looks at malnutrition in NCGS. Hopefully, we will have some good information on NCGS in the future.

There are studies looking at food products. One covers the use of probiotics in helping those with Celiac. Another looks at how gluten free oats affects those with Celiac. The gluten free oats issue is a very hot topic discussed all the time in gluten free circles. Some people think oats cause the same reaction in Celiacs at gluten and others say it doesn’t. Some say oats are a problem because of the way they are grown and processed. It is a big debate and maybe this study ends the debate!

My favorites are the hookworm studies. Unfortunately, the hookworms did not protect against mucosal damage in patients consuming gluten. I was looking forward to ingesting hookworms! Dang it!

In Sweden, they are looking at children with a risk of developing Celiac disease. They are delaying introduction of gluten until after 3 years old to see if waiting is protective against getting Celiac. The same study also has an arm that is looking at the use of a lactbacillus probiotic in young children in helping to prevent the onset of Celiac. I know there is some debate about high risk children delaying the introduction of gluten, but this may solve that question as well.

There is lots of clinical research out there regarding Celiac disease. Not just for new drugs, but novel ideas about how Celiac affects our day to day lives.

The rest of the week I will delve into the other drug studies that are currently underway.

Clinical research cannot happen without volunteers, so volunteer if something strikes your fancy!

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